San Francisco, California

18 Dec

It was probably the promise of warmth that spurred my traveling musician act into San Francisco.  My arrival, however, has been marked with cold rain and varied experiences.  Performing outdoors, which I’ve always loved doing (more or less), has become slightly impossible.  I’ve done so just the same, really — selling CDs and meeting people face-to-face.  And at the same time, a few opportunities have come my way while haunting here in San Francisco.

Julean Rai; beardy and in-cognito in San Francisco

I’ll be performing on the ballroom stage at the Green Tortoise Hostel in North Beach on the day after Christmas, the 26th of December.  More details will be posted in the gig area.  For now, I’m still here, and I’ve run into a few busy listeners here in SF; would love to run into a few more.

So if you see me, flag me down — I’m all beard-y and incognito, always carrying the guitar with me wherever I go.  Generally hard to miss.  I’ll give you a personal copy of the CD and we can grab some beers at Vesuvio off of Broadway.

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