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Review: Interview with Julean Rai @ AudioGaZm


04-17-11 – Julean and the Rai: indie folk at its BEST!
Hey guys! So this week i’m obsessing over Julean and the Rai, the ever-changing band headed up by (coincidentally) Julean Rai. The sound varies from relaxing to heart-stopping, Julean has a voice that will really make you LISTEN, and if you give it a chance, I promise at least one of his songs will steal your heart 🙂 Okay … {read more}

Video: Julean Rai interview for Polish television & concert:

Article: Interview with Julean Rai, 2007


11-08-07 – Julean and the Rai Release “Muse Tree” to Eager Fan Following Worldwide

his week, songwriter Julean Rai (better known to his listeners as the band “Julean and the Rai”) released his first official debut album, following a healthy live career and a string of EPs, instrumentals, and demos. Julean, who is decidedly well-known in a number of regional circuits nationwide, including Austin, Texas, and most recently New York City, finished the project early this year as part of a series of intensive recording sessions. The first of several albums completed in those sessions, Muse Tree gives us 15 songs that even fans familiar with Julean live or in the studio can find fresh, enduring, and at times, unfamiliar.

“A few of the songs on this [album] are songs I’ve been playing for years of course,” Julean says in a recent interview …{read more}

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