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More “Darlene” Releases to Come

24 Mar Remastering "Here." for the New U.S. Release of "Darlene"

While four of the total ten tracks of the remastered “Here.” 2008 release are finished, a daunting six more remain.

Nearly a week past the expected re-release date, the studio remastering process is still underway.  Some of these tracks, recorded in an artist studio and in challenging acoustic conditions, are looking at more cleanup than others, while the rest have yet to see the light of day because they aren’t — as I see it — finished.

Darlene LP by Julean and the Rai

Preliminary album cover for the 2011 release of "Darlene", by Julean and the Rai

[Listen to the “Darlene” Album @ Bandcamp]

When I released the “Here.” version, I was eager and anxious to get those songs into circulation, and I’m glad I did.  Those releases, however, were essentially just the dry mixes and takes of each session, mixed as quickly as possible for release.  At the same time, on returning to the United States and needing to start the review process for each album I let go of in Europe, these tracks deserve more attention and care to truly become as close as they’re going to become to what I originally envisioned.

Cover for "Here." (European Release); 2008

Original album cover for the "Darlene" LP's European release "Here."

Some of you might notice new instruments added to some recordings, while others are being cleaned and “shined”.  The U.S. release should, in the end, give me a feeling of completion for this part of the story (“Darlene”) so that I can move on to the next two concurrent albums “Secrets and Stains” and “The Taos Merchants”, something that I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Parts III and IV of the nine-album story have been waiting for proper recording sessions throughout, and in the meantime the songs for parts V through VIII have been enjoying demos, live performances, and the like.  I’m beginning to feel very … behind 😉

What are the remaining seven albums to come?  Well, I’ll tell you … I’ll even give you the alternate titles for each:

I – The Muse Tree (The Fool) – Written 1995-1996; Released 2007, re-released 2011 (Listen @ Bandcamp)
II – Darlene (Here.) – Written 1996-1997; Released 2008, re-released 2011 (Listen @ Bandcamp)
III – Secrets and Stains (The Dark) – Written 1998; TBA
IV – The Taos Merchants (Leaving Gomorrah) – Written 1999-2000; TBA
V – Texas (Fall from Grace) – Written Written 2000-2001; TBA
VI – Effortless (A False Start) – Written 2005; TBA
VII – New York State (The Arrival) – Written 2006; TBA
VIII – When I’m Gone (The Candy EP) – Written 2007; TBA
IX – Salvaged Dementia (Final Journeys) – Written 2008-present; TBA

That’s right; these songs are, for the most part, ancient — while the songs for the ninth and final album in the series are the only songs still being crafted and tooled.  One might also notice that “Alexandria, Falling” is not in this list; namely because “Alexandria” is considered a detour of sorts.  Experimentation on my part — there’s no real intended contribution to the “Muse Tree” storyline.

The track list for each should be up and online soon enough.  Some of these songs have already been recorded either in live form or as a demo, such as “On the Way to Boulder” and “Some Plans” from Secrets and Stains (featured on the Logical Muse and Some Plans EP, respectively), “Go On” and “Effortless” from Effortless (featured on the Live at the Green Tortoise and Disconnect EP, respectively), “Candy” and “Long, Long Walk” from the Live at the Baggot Inn EP — both belonging to the When I’m Gone album — and of course the songs from The New York State Demos that belong to the album New York State.  A few songs from Salvaged Dementia are also performed on the Live at the Lizard King and Live at the Green Tortoise albums, as well.

The official Julean and the Rai store at Bandcamp is also a work in progress, as it requires that a lot of this older material be remastered for quality so that it belongs in the store.  Several of the albums at this point — such as Some Plans, The New York State Demos, Live at the Lizard King, Live at the Green Tortoise and Disconnect — remain hidden from public view until this process has been completed.

In the meantime, I’ve moved all of the ready and salesworthy tracks and existing material to the official store at Bandcamp.  I placed it there to make sure that it stays up and active, and automated, as well to provide full-track streams and instant downloads as long as the site remains.  Bandcamp is where it’s at.  Literally.

[View the Julean and the Rai Bandcamp store]

At the moment, back in San Diego to finalize all of this and prepare for the upcoming March 29th show at the House of Blues.  Aside from these projects, it has mainly been a period of downtime; though I have taken my music to the street on several occasions since coming here, performing for the bar crowd, exercising the voice and the arm and trying out new songs on the most difficult and unforgiving of audiences — selling album downloads just as I did in Europe before the tour.  I may, in fact, be doing that tonight…

And that’s a good-bye and goodnight for me, for now —

California, Dreaming?

27 Feb

Now living on the Mexico beach, seeking both inspiration and quiet to remaster the “Here.” tracks for a proper release, plans are now underway for a 6-week tour through the state of California. Keep posted for more information here as I have it.

The new release this year, “Darlene“, is a remastered version of 2008’s previous European release, “Here.“, an import that I let go of hastily and was out of my hands before I had time to really work on the masters.  ‘Darlene‘, hopefully, contains the kind of tracks and “finished” sound that I expect in a real release, and I’ve managed to complete the first two tracks from those masters; both tracks are available on both SoundCloud and BandCamp, for streaming and for sale, respectively.  The goal is to complete the album masters by mid-march, and I am currently working towards being done with these by that timeline.

As “Here.” was never truly released to the public officially — save for hand-to-hand sales at shows in Poland and Romania, this will give me the chance to properly distribute this album and focus on the next two or more, resources allowing.  Several of the songs, at the same time, have been making the rounds; specifically “Darlene” and “Sin”.

Latitud 32 Cafe, Tijuana Mexico

Performing at places like the Latitud 32 above, Julean lives on the beaches of Tijuana while working on the remasters from the "Here." album.

My time in Mexico has been a coincidence, and a month later I actually find myself missing the States … (a little bit).  As usual, it takes me a little while to fully get my brain around a new currency (just imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing $240 for *anything* … ).  I’ve managed a few shows here in this current city but spend most of my time near the beach, being solitary or spending time with new friends, whichever is applicable for the mood I’m in.  January found me performing a lot in the cafes along the beach.  I never pay for coffee anymore.  Meals are ‘on the house’.  The people in Mexico are a very giving and very appreciative of music and their makers.  This month much of my time is spent these days organizing and mastering the ‘Laura’ album, and now doing research for a California tour.

This tour should begin with one (confirmed) show at the House of Blues in March, in downtown San Diego.  It’s just a showcase performance, so I thought it might be worthwhile to use the Spring to my advantage.  What do you guys think?  If there are any California listeners out there, be sure to let me know and I can look into booking shows in your town.

Either way, you can track live upcoming Julean and the Rai performances at SongKick; you’ll know the minute that I do.  Or maybe a few seconds later.

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